Uma Temakeria’s Wrap and Roll

Roll your own at this Japanese sushi chain

Sushi burritos from Uma Temakeria
Wrap star: Uma Temakeria's sushi burritos are rocking our world.

Updated Jul 4, 2017 @ 11:31 am

Californians have been having all the fun with sushi burritos: These extra-large, tubular takes on the traditional cone shaped hand rolls known as temaki have been creating buzz up and down the Pacific coast. Now, New Yorkers can get in on the deliciousness at Uma Temakeria.

Head to either of Uma Temakeria’s locations—the original in Chelsea, or the just-opened spot in food conglomerate powerhouse, Gotham West Market—for the chance to wrap your hand around one.

If you catch acclaimed chef Chris Jaeckle at work at his restaurant All’onda he might be twirling rigatoni together with an aged duck ragu, but at Uma Temakeria, his latest venture, he is all about the wrap and roll of sustainably sourced seafood and seasonal vegetables.

The ordering process at both outposts of Uma Temakeria is simple, efficient and totally customizable. First, choose a format for your meal: options include the temaki ($6), the sushi burritos ($10) and chirashi bowls ($12). Then choose one of the preset combos or DIY it with your mixture of fillings and condiments. We loved being able to pick shredded kale as a base for our Atlantic salmon (a Green “Best Choice” on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Watch Program), avocado slices and sesames seeds one day, and brown rice as the anchor for zesty tofu, seasonal pickles and scallions the next.

A side of spicy miso soup ($3.50) and a glass of rejuvenating ginger green tea ($3) are just the things to take the edge off on a chilly day.

At Uma Temakeria, the staff is exceptionally friendly and they make each hand-roll to order—meaning you should be prepared for a wait that’s a smidge longer than grabbing a plastic box of premade sushi—but it is all for the greater tasty good. The Gotham West Market sports a sushi bar where you can witness the rolling action, while the Union-Square-area original offers a dedicated storefront.

The burritos are delicious, but the focus on sustainably sourced seafood like line-caught tuna and New England flounder makes Uma Temakeria notable. “Our global outlook prioritizes sustainability and respect for our ecosystem,”Jaeckle told us in an interview. “By using fish from ocean-friendly fisheries, Uma hopes to create a greater consumer demand for responsibly sourced cuisine.”

If the line of customers at Uma Temakeria’s counter is any indicator, the demand is high and the results divine.

Uma Temakeria
64 7th Ave, NY 10011
646 360 3260