A Vegetarian Supper Club Grows in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Fork and Spoon is an intimate new supper club that'll sate both veggie- and meat-lovers

A secret vegetarian supper club in Brooklyn.
The inviting ambiance will make you feel at home. (Photo by: Megan Murphy)

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 11:20 am

By Megan Murphy

Dining with strangers at an undisclosed location—not your typical night out, which is precisely the allure of a supper club. It’s no secret that this kind of underground dining is gaining momentum nationwide, and after a recent evening at Brooklyn Fork and Spoon supper club in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I can see why.

Event hosts Mardi Miskit and Rebecka Medin offer a strictly vegetarian menu, where just about everything can be eaten with a fork and spoon. Why exclusively vegetarian? Aside from ethics, they recognized that most local supper clubs centered around, or at least included, meat. Offering a veggie-based menu means nearly anyone can participate. And since debuting almost a year ago, these meatless monthly gatherings have typically sold out shortly after being announced (at $40 suggested donation per person); after my experience last Saturday night, I’m not surprised.

After entering a charming Brooklyn apartment (location provided only after your reservation is confirmed), my night began in a cozy living room, where everyone chatted over wine and nibbles of savory cheese and olives. Guests came from neighborhoods spanning Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens; some came hand-in-hand with a date, or friend, while others arrived solo, using the evening as an opportunity to socialize and make new acquaintances. Mardi and Rebecka were welcoming, friendly and talkative, without displaying the least bit of stress—quite an impressive feat, since they were in the middle of preparing a multi-course dinner for a dozen hungry strangers.

The spacious open kitchen revealed a lengthy table scattered with beautiful fresh flowers, mason jar water glasses and votive candles; a most darling dining setting. We sat down to a healthy, flavorful meal, which started with olive focaccia bread and herb-infused dipping oils, followed by a refreshing red beet and ginger purée topped with creamy goat cheese. The main course brought thin ribbons of delicious quinoa pasta tossed with shaved Brussels sprouts and toasted pine nuts in a brown butter sage sauce. Dessert was espresso snowcap cookies served with an interestingly smoky chocolate lapsang ice cream. Both the wine and conversation flowed easily. We were even encouraged to switch our seats before dessert, to mix up the company.

Did I mention how fantastic the people I met were? Flying solo has never been so much fun.

My experience at Brooklyn Fork and Spoon was comfortable, casual and relaxing, with an elegant menu that pleased both vegetarians and carnivores in attendance. And though I was in someone else’s kitchen, the inviting ambiance made me feel at home.

Check out brooklynforkandspoon.com for a list of upcoming dinners, including their upcoming supper on Saturday, January 21.

Megan Murphy is a freelance writer living in NYC, who loves both dining out and getting crafty in the kitchen. After stints at People Magazine and Condé Nast, Megan currently writes for Cooking Light, contributes to various food and beverage websites, and runs her own blog, ThisGirlCanEat.com.

Image by author Megan Murphy.

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