Natural Trips: 5 Organic Getaways

Enjoy fresh, Clean Plates-worthy food on vacation

try one of these holistic and organic getaways
Would your ideal vacation include clean food in a gorgeous setting? Check out the latest vacation trend: organic getaways.

Updated Jul 6, 2017 @ 3:56 pm

It’s about that time of year: whether you’re a thrill-seeker, yogi or farm lover, you’re probably ready for a vacation break. Wish you could enjoy fresh, Clean Plates-worthy food on that vacation? Your wish can be granted by the latest trend, organic getaways. Check out (or into) our top six picks.

Buttermilk Falls
Milton, NY

For greener pastures, visit Buttermilk Falls, a farm-to-spa hideaway. This historic, seventy-five-acre estate on the Hudson has its very own farm on premises: Millstone Farms harvests organic produce for Henry’s at the Farm and herbs for therapeutic Buttermilk Spa treatments. Soak in organic essences and breathtaking river views, then stroll the grounds to meet free-range birds, goats and llamas. Once you sink your feet into farm-fresh earth, all thoughts of the city will be light years away. Call 845 795-1310 for reservations.

Casper’s Farm
Ithaca, NY

Discover the gateway to enlightenment at the Private Hotel + Pure Food at Casper’s Farm in Ithaca, NY.  After home-cooked vegan feasting, with much produce grown on site, explore nature trails and meditate in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple. Three Body Mind Restoration Retreats are offered this summer, with accommodations, meditation, sauna, wheatgrass and organic green juices, for optimal whole body rejuvenation. Call 607 257-5349 for reservations.

SOMA Get Fit
Santa Barbara, CA

Adventurous types get a healthy jumpstart with SOMA Get Fit wellness retreats and adventures. Choose from heart-pumping workouts, local hikes, yoga classes, or pampering sessions. The best part? SOMA’s personal chefs can create a customized menu for you without strict regimens: If you’re aiming to shed some pounds, a registered dietician and personal chef can accompany you on a “farmers’ market foray” to find the best organic nutrients to suit your individual taste. Email for reservations.

The Pearl Laguna
Laguna Beach, CA

Pure is the word at The Pearl Laguna, a retreat dedicated to organic, vegetarian cleansing. Unlike a harsh detox, The Pearl’s wholesome fare will purify the body, not send it into shock. Boost the body and soul with hiking, yoga, meditation and massage during a nutrient-filled, week-long retreat. Call 949 715-1674 or email for reservations.

Travel light.


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