8 “Green” Gifts For The Eco-Conscious Couple

Updated Sep 26, 2017 @ 11:56 am

By Abbe Baker

Some couples are so simple to buy for: Pick an item off the registry and you’re good to go. But what do you get for the friends who are passionate about sustainability? We gathered some gift ideas that are perfect for eco-conscious couples–and you know these will get used and enjoyed, not relegated to the back of the linen closet (we’re looking at you, crystal vase).


Give the happy couple something from Bambeco‘s collection of toast-worthy hand-blown glass pitchers (pictured above) and carafe gift sets made from recycled glass bottles. Along with using recycled materials, the company donates more than 1% of profits to environmental organizations working to improve forest preservation, water conservation and healthy workplaces.


Alabama Chanin Collection, 5-piece Camellia Opaque White setting, $228
Photo Credit: Jeffery Cross

Let the bride’s Aunt Eileen buy the standard Crate & Barrel dishes. You’ll find something special from Heath, an award-winning Sausalito-based pottery company that produces handcrafted plates, bowls, cups, and other kitchen items. Heath’s artisans save significant energy by only firing their pottery once in the kiln at a low temperature–a sure conversation piece when your friends use your gift at dinner parties. Heath also offers virtual and conventional wedding registries, making them perfect for bridal gifts.


A sure sign of a great gift is one the recipients love, but that they may not have thought to buy for themselves. Enter beautiful and sustainable yet practical kitchen utensils from Bambu. This set, aptly called Kitchen Basics, is a steal at only $13.25, especially when you consider that it’s naturally antimicrobial and stain resistant, and made from earth-friendly organic bamboo.


Does your favorite betrothed couple love a good cheese plate? Of course, they do. CompanyKind, available on Etsy, produces one-of-a-kind cutting boards made from recycled hardwood combinations. You can even personalize the board with a wedding date or special note.


Pressure cookers are having a moment; after all, who doesn’t love faster cooking times? Fagor, which aims to develop energy- and water-saving products, offers a Premium Pressure Cooker. It’s available in 6 or 8 quarts, and can cook meals in up to 70% less time than conventional stovetop cooking methods, thus conserving a good amount of energy and water.

The company’s manufacturing systems were established to reduce environmental impact on soil, water, energy and air during the production process, all while providing workers with environmentally-friendly work conditions.


Plants make excellent presents as they purify the air in your living space and may even improve your health. Options range from seeds for trees and decorative tree globes made from recycled glass to growing the ingredients for a delicious marinara. Are you the one getting hitched? Skip traditional wedding favors and offer these seed bombs instead that can be planted year-round.


Composting supplies may not seem like the stuff of wedding gifts, but for the super-eco-conscious, one of the wide variety of cool pails and higher-end electric composters could make the favorite-gifts list.


Food and drink subscription services make fantastic gifts because they last, sometimes long after the last thank-you notes have been posted. Now you can give a food subscription that also supports local farmers. Look for Community Supported Agriculture shares in the couple’s area and give them bountiful boxes of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and other farm products. They’ll thank you and the farmers will be grateful, too. 


Abbe L. Baker is a writer and editor based in New York City. 
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