Farmscape Transforms City Spaces into Organic Gardens

No farm, no problem—Farmscape makes organic home gardening accessible

Farmscape is a company that makes at home gardening accessible to people in Los Angeles.
Farmscape, builds and maintains gardens throughout the very urbanized LA. (Photo by: Farmscape)

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 4:44 pm

Imagine the ultimate, local, organic tomatoes—the ones rich in lycopene and antioxidants, that taste like sunshine.

Now imagine you picked those tomatoes in your own yard.

Before you protest that gardening isn’t your thing—let me tell you about Farmscape, a company determined to make an organic home garden accessible to anyone with a patch of grass to call their own.

Founded in 2009 by college grads in Claremont, the business has expanded into Pasadena and Los Angeles. The average garden set-up costs around $2,700, depending on size, and includes:

  • Farmscape’s special blend of amended organic soil and compost in two modular custom-built raised vegetable beds
  • A drip irrigation system
  • And of course, the organic plants

For an additional $60 a week, a farmer will tend the garden and share as much (or as little) instruction as you’d like.

Farmscape recently began working with commercial entities, too. At the end of January they completed the first organic rooftop garden Downtown for The Jonathan Club, and they’ve submitted a proposal for repurposing the post-Occupy LA space around City Hall. Their plan would get rid of 51% of the site’s water-needy grass and replace it with native plants, plus a variety of citrus trees; they’d plant organic vegetable gardens for city employees and create a “teaching garden” for school kids.

As the company wrote on its blog earlier this month, “At Farmscape we’re proud to grow food in what an academic might call the ‘interstitial spaces’ of the city. The nooks, and the crannies, the parkways, the vacant lots, the parks, and side yards between buildings, but most especially the residential landscapes. Places that more often tend to be under the dominion of turf grass, weeds, ivy, and trees.”

Delicious tomatoes instead of weeds? Yes, please.

Main image courtesy of Farmscape. Photo of tomatoes courtesy of Manjith Kainickara.