Sugar House Creamery Is Sweet

An Adirondack creamery molds some organic cheeses that are at peak perfection

Cheeses from Sugar House Creamery
Three signature kinds of cheese are made at Sugar House Creamery - Pound Cake (pictured), Dutch Knuckle and Little Dickens. (Photos courtesy of Lisa J Godfrey)

Updated Jul 4, 2017 @ 12:17 pm

Margot Brooks and Alex Eaton are living the cheese dream: They met in college, fell in love, worked together at the award-winning Consider Bardwell Farm and then bought their own 22-acre place in the Adirondacks, which they call Sugar House Creamery.

Sugar House Creamery
Photo credit: Lisa J Godfrey

The farm sells at local farmers markets and from their on-site farm store. Luckily for us New Yorkers, they ship their cheese to a handful of shops (like the wonderful Bedford Cheese Shop) and sometimes collaborate with Crown Finish Caves, a cheese-aging facility in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

But Brooks would rather you made the trip upstate to experience her cheese at the source. “We’re more interested in people tasting our cheeses in this special place where they are made. We would like to consider our cheeses a regional specialty. This concept exists all over Europe, why not here?”

Brooks and Eaton want to make it easy for passionate eaters to do just that: Not only are they farmers, but they are also Airbnb hosts with two spaces, a Carriage Barn with kitchen and a cozy Guest Suite, available. You’ll wake up to a warm loaf of freshly baked bread, fruit and (of course) cheese and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping small farmers do the work they love best.