WATCH: Acai-Mint Smoothie

Acai-mint smoothie

Updated Oct 13, 2020 @ 2:19 pm

There are plenty of smoothies out there but this dreamy purple number has a trick up its sleeve. It’s loaded with good nutrition thanks to acai, spinach, and blueberries, with a refreshing surprise from mint tea. Start your morning off with it or blend one up in the afternoon for a nutritious snack. So what makes this smoothie one even better? Youtheory® Unflavored Collagen Powder. The addition of collagen can help revitalize your hair, skin, and nails, and support your body’s own collagen production since Youtheory Collagen is specially formulated with vitamin C and Biotin. Replenish those amino acids your body craves, and give yourself the gift of beauty from the inside out.

Acai-Mint Smoothie

  • Serves: 2
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  • 1 3.5-oz packet frozen acai
  • 1 medium-sized ripe banana
  • ½ cup frozen chopped spinach
  • ½ cup frozen blueberries
  • ½ cup cold unsweetened mint tea
  • 1 scoop Youtheory® Unflavored Collagen Powder
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • Pinch salt
  • Raw honey or maple syrup, optional


  1. Place all ingredients (except honey or maple syrup) in blender; blend until smooth. Add more tea to reach desired consistency, if needed. Taste and add sweetener, if needed.
  2. Serve right away.
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