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Courtesy of Nicholas Coleman Does Your Olive Oil Tell The Truth?

Olive oil is an important healthy fat and essential part of our cooking repertoire. Last week, the New York Times revealed that many olive oils labeled “Italian” and “extra-virgin” are neither from Italy nor extra virgin.

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Can you taste a name? Which gluten-free food has been recalled? And what supplement could lengthen your life? Find out in this week's news roundup.

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Celebrities everywhere are getting into clean eating. See who we spotted, and where.

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Which ingredient is Dunkin' Donuts changing for the better? What's the new pope's favorite dish? Find out in this week's news roundup.

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Do organic apples and pears contain antibiotics? Which 13 banned foods are still sold in the US? And when are cholesterol levels highest? Find out in this week's news roundup.

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Should you be eating expired food? How much bacon does it take to increase heart attack risk? Get these answers and more in our weekly news roundup.

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Heard about the latest cereal recall? Or what junk food may do to unborn babies? Get all the info in our weekly news roundup.

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Certain celebrities have been spotted eating Clean Plates-style. Find out who they are, and what they're eating, in "The Dish."

gatorade-cup-550 Dear Clean Plates: What is Brominated Vegetable Oil?

A certain chemical was just removed from Gatorade. What is it, and why was it there in the first place? Find out here.

bread Flashes in the Pan, 2.22.13

Could a certain food be causing your acne? What unappetizing thing is being hidden in meat? And what's the latest item Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban? Find out in our news roundup.

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Could your reusable grocery bag be dangerous? Is your "sustainable" seafood true to its labeling? Get the answers to these questions and more, in our weekly news roundup.

TaymorParsonsAlma Kickstarting Success: Alma

Bet you can't guess how this organic, sustainable restaurant started. One hint: it involved the kindness of strangers.

snackmachine Flashes in the Pan, 2.8.13

What are schools giving kids, to replace candy bars? And what secret cause of weight gain is foiling regular exercisers? Find out in our weekly news roundup.

Wasabi Root Will the Real Wasabi Please Stand Up?

The wasabi you know and love may not be what you think.

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Could eating strange-looking fruit help to stamp out hunger? What big change is McDonald's making in its sandwiches? And which chemical is being removed from Gatorade? Find out in our weekly news roundup.

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Which celebrities dine at Clean Plates-approved spots? Find out who's eating what and where, in The Dish!

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What's the trouble with quinoa? Which food product was linked to 20,000 ER visits in 2011? Get these answers and more, in our weekly news roundup.

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How unhealthy is sugar, really? Which old Chinese diet is gaining popularity? And what type of food may cause asthma? Get the answers in our weekly news roundup.

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Does sugar-free gum help prevent cavities? Do diet sodas affect mood? Get the answers to these questions and more, in our weekly news roundup.

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When should you throw away something that's past its due date? Get this answer to this and more, in this week's food news roundup.

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A certain veggie could help you steer clear of a hangover. Find out what it is, plus read the year's new food words, in this 2012 news wrap up.