Cleaner Candy

Fair-trade chocolate and organic ingredients make these candy treats that much sweeter

These candies are healthy Halloween options
If you're going to eat candy on Halloween, let us introduce you to some cleaner options.

Updated Oct 25, 2018 @ 2:58 pm

It’s that time of year: The air is cooler, the spooky decorations are up, the stores are bursting with mini-sized candies. Whether you’re going to dig into your kids’ stash or dip into the bowl you “bought for trick-or-treaters,” you know you’re going to eat some candy come the 31st. (So are we.) Good news: There’s a way to do it without completely blowing your healthy-eating habits. Some brands have created versions of classic favorite candies that, while not necessarily healthy (it’s still candy), are a bit cleaner than your typical grocery-store fare. Think of them as organic candy.

Ocho minis
It may be the first time ever that knockoffs are higher quality than the originals. If you love Snickers, Mounds or peppermint patties, now you can have versions made with organic ingredients and fair-trade dark chocolate. These minis come in coconut, peanut butter, peppermint and caramel flavors. And if you can’t decide which is your fave, no worries: there’s a variety pack, of course.

This Halloween try healthier candy
Trick or (healthier) treat?(Photo credit: Justin’s facebook)

Organic, fair-trade chocolate enrobes organic peanut butter for that combo you’ve loved since childhood. Milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties come in regular size and minis; white chocolate regular size only.

Unreal candy-coated chocolates
Regular or peanut, it’s your call; either way, they’re made with fair-trade cacao and their bright hues come from vegetable and spice extracts, not artificial dyes.

Panda licorice
Four simple, recognizable ingredients (molasses, wheat flour, licorice extract and aniseed oil) make up these flavorful soft candies. Or grab cherry or raspberry flavors, both made with fruit purees.

GoOrganic fruit chews
If you usually reach for the taffy or fruit chews, you’re in luck: these sweet bites, which come in apple, lemon, strawberry and raspberry, are made with organic ingredients (so they’re GMO-free) and no artificial dyes.