The Clean Plates Special: Acting Sqirlly

An exclusive interview and recipe with SQIRL chef Jessica Koslow

SQIRL preserves by Jessica Koslow
Jessica Koslow has perfected the art of the preserve at LA's SQIRL.

Updated Jul 6, 2017 @ 4:17 pm

What’s SQIRL jam? (Hint: It’s not what it sounds like.)

Get the answer in Clean Plates’ exclusive story for Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Daily, where we spoke to LA chef/jam and fermentation guru Jessica Koslow. Koslow reveals the veggie she’s pickling now: a certain red (but not hot) pepper. You’ll also get the scoop on lacto-fermentation, a way to pickle veggies that brings out unique flavors, a champagne-like fizz and belly-friendly probiotics.

Click here to read the full interview—and get instructions for making Jessica Koslow’s Fermented Pepper Mash (prep it in just 20 minutes).

Veggies filled with healthy probiotics?

That gives us a good gut feeling.

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